Funktapuss is a five-piece groove factory that churns out smooth, sweaty New England style funk.  Popping bass lines and hot guitar drive the bopping rhythm section, the backdrop to the band’s smooth, sexy vocals.  With funky keyboards and saxophone added to the mix, Funktapuss keeps the crowds smiling and feet on the dance floor.


Download Your Copy of Funktapuss HERE!

Download Your Copy of Funktapuss HERE!

“If you took the songwriting skills and soul of Stevie Wonder and the layin' it down groove of Parliament Funkadelic, and made some sort of awesome super baby, it would be called Funktapuss"! 

Marty Schwab, owner of the crooked i - Erie, PA.

“Rare and hard to come by…but when such talent finds its way together under the same roof, consider yourself lucky to be at the right place at the right time".

Laddie Durham, owner of Harry’s Cajun Bar & Grill - Hyannis, MA.